Quarterly Employee Birthday Party

 To provide compassionate patient centered care with a hometown feel. 

Gift Shoppe Spring Sale

● 1896; Dr. J.W. Torbett arrived in Marlin and built the Bethesda Sanatorium & Bath House
● 1908; the original Torbett Sanatorium was dedicated
● 1936; Dr. J.W. Torbett, E.P. Hutchings, and Howard O. Smith formed a private corporation in the name of Torbett     Clinic & Hospital.
● 1949; the Torbett Clinic on Coleman Street was built and was dedicated in 1951.
● 1961; groundbreaking of Torbett-Hutchings-Smith Memorial Hospital; January 14, 1963 facility opened.
● April 6, 1970; third floor addition to hospital was opened and occupied, bringing total bed capacity to 130.
● June 1972; the ancillary addition was completed, including dietary, laundry, laboratory and administrative.
●1977; clinic at 307 Live Oak Street was opened
●1978; the U. S. Dept. of Energy (Geothermal Division) and the Texas Energy Advisory Council completed a          project to heat the hospital using Marlin's hot mineral water.
●1990; the name was changed to Falls Community Hospital and Clinic, reflecting its service area of Falls County.

gift shoppe entrance
Gift Shoppe spring sale

The FCHC Auxiliary stays busy delivering flowers and newspapers to hospital patients, operating the Gift Shoppe, collecting magazines for placement in waiting areas, hosting quarterly birthday parties for employees and staff, awarding medical scholarships for continuing education, purchasing needed hospital equipment, participating in bake sales and other hospital activities. Are you interested in becoming part of this happy helpful group? If so, contact the Gift Shoppe at 254-803-3561, ext. 2140.

Falls Community Hospital 

322 Coleman Street, Marlin, Texas  76661

Our Volunteers

Torbett-Hutchings-Smith Memorial Hospital

quarterly employee birthday party

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Torbett-Hutchings-Smith Memorial Hospital
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Our Mission

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Falls Community Hospital & Clinic​​

Our History

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FCHC Gift Shoppe

Falls Community Hospital & Clinic 

307 Live Oak Street, Marlin, Texas  76661


​​​​​​​​Falls Community Hospital & Clinic is a

501(c)3 not for profit corporation.

It is run by a volunteer Board of  Directors that includes:

    Ken Tomlinson, President 

    Jan Stimmel, Vice President

    Roger Nutt, Secretary Treasurer

    Justin Hay, Director